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Russian Jewish Community Foundation (RJCF) is a grassroots all-volunteer charitable organization.
The RJCF mission is to preserve and enhance Jewish identity among Russian Jews and to support Israel.

CAMERA: Defamation of Israel on College Campuses

CAMERA Countering the Boycott, Divest and Sanctions Movement (BDS) and Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP)
Wednesday, November 12, 2014
Temple Emanuel 385 Ward Street, Newton, MA
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Gala Testimonials

Gala at Lombardo's Many people reached out to the RJCF to express their congratulation on a successful event. Here are some of the quotes from the Gala participants.

"Just wanted to congratulate you on an incredible ball this year! ... It was well organized and professional ... Not to mention the fantastic and positive environment that was pulsing throughout the evening." M.G

"It was great event. Thank you. Great Job." L.A.

"Thank you so much for doing all of this, I had a phenomenal time and everything looked incredible!!" N. E.

Update on Sderot Camp 2014

Sderot Program July 25, 2014
Based on the current situation in Israel, instead of the Boston-Sderot Camp, this summer the RJCF is conducting
the Retreat from Rockets
for the Children of Sderot Program.

The children of Sderot need our help now more than ever.
Please donate & support RJCF efforts!


Stand Up For Israel Rally at Boston's Copley Square on July 22, 2014

Rally July 22, 2014 Hundreds of people gathered for the Stand Up For Israel Rally. The most popular slogan was “Free Gaza from Hamas.”

The photos from the Rally are posted here

The videos from the Rally are posted on RJCF Youtube Channel

RJCF Children of Sderot Project in pictures and numbers

Sderot CampThe RJCF Boston-Sderot Project’s long term goal is to support the Israeli City of Sderot and provide a meaningful experience for American Youth to experience Jewish peoplehood and Israel by supporting a besieged community. It consists of two programs: Summer Camp and Community Center.


Sderot Camp Once again Southern Israel has become a war zone, terrorized by extremists who hide among Gaza residents, emerging to commit acts of terror before slinking away again into the camouflage of Gaza’s schools and residential buildings; and now much of Israel is under direct threat from a regime that claims to be part of a “reconciliation government.”


Jerusalem Day Celebration

Jerusalem Day 2014 Many people gathered to celebrate Jerusalem Day in Newton Center on June 1st

Click to see the photos from the event

Appeal for help from Inessa Rifkin, RJCF Board Member

Inessa Rifkin It has been 8 years already since we started our program in Sderot. In this short period of time it has been a very successful and valuable program for these children. Children in Sderot are once again dreaming about the time when counselors from Boston will again take them to 2 weeks of paradise.Over the years you all have been big supporters of the program. I really hope you will support us again. Believe me we are making sure that all your dollars are very well spent and no one working on this program on the American side is profiting from any of donation dollars. We are all doing it for for 4 reasons only: we can help, we want to help, they need our help and the program is really working.
I hope you will find the cause important and worthy of your attention.
Please click here to donate

Recent Antisemitic Incident at Northeastern University

Louisa Gorbatov By Louisa Gorbatov, a student at Northeastern University

On February 24, 2014 Students for Justice in Palestine members slipped fake “eviction notices” under the doors of Northeastern freshman. These notices were designed to appear legitimate-leading some students to actually leave their dorms, according to Associate Dean, Robert Jose. This stunt has been pulled at other college campuses and is in direct violation of school policies. The notices also contain factually inaccurate information about the actions of Israel.

The Founder of Sderot Media Center at UMass Amherst

Laurie Kamenetsky By Laurie Kamenetsky

Since my experiences as a Program Director and Counselor for Camp Boston Sderot over the past two years, I have become heavily involved with Jewish life on campus. As the President of Jewish Leader in Business, I had the pleasure and honor of collaborating with the Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting in America (CAMERA) in hosting Noam Bedein, the Director of the Sderot Media Center...

Fighting anti-Israel boycott

RJCF ad Despicably, the first week in March was Israel Apartheid Week on many college campuses - yes, Israel, not Syria or Iran. Also, anti-Israel boycott is getting more steam and not just with SodaStream.

The Russian Jewish Community Foundation and our partners, are doing something about it. As part of our Jewish Advocacy we are posting advertisements in public places such as MBTA Boston buses to present a pro-Israel message.

We need your support for this project to continue! Click to donate


RJCF ad Starting February, 10th, this map is riding on buses in and around Boston.

We need your help to raise at least $5,000 to make this campaign to more buses and more routes so that our message is seen by as many people as we can reach!


The 5th Annual Children of Boston to Children of Sderot Concert

Khodorkovsky jailed And we’ve done it again! The Children of Boston dedicated their time and their talent to perform for the Russian Jewish Community for the 5th Annual Children of Boston to Children of Sderot Concert on Sunday, November 17th at Center Makor in Brookline. From ballroom performances to ...

IDF soldiers of Yahalom Unit: Thank you, RJCF!

IDF Pin -Yahalom Unit The Thank You letter to RJCF from the soldiers of Yahalom Unit:
"The wonderful gifts you have donated to our unit help each and every one of us and remind us every day of the love and care we receive from you, the people of Israel, and Jews all around the world."
[ Read the entire letter] [ Read another letter from our soldier in Yahalom Unit ]

Sderot Update: exciting news

Boston Sderot We have just received phenomenal news from Sderot that must be heard by all our friends, family, and supporters. Our very own Sveta Panaitov, director of our Boston Sderot afterschool program and annual summer camp, just got elected to Sderot’s City Council! While this is a tremendous achievement for her personally, this win is an even greater accomplishment and triumph for our afterschool program and our entire initiative in Sderot. We are already seeing the results of this victory through Sveta’s electoral campaign. Gaining access to a greater outlet has enabled Sveta to reach more of Sderot residents and inform the greater general public about the Boston Sderot club.

But what does this have to do with us here in America? ... (continue)

Letter from our IDF soldier

IDF Pin -Yahalom Unit[From wikipedia: Yahalom (Hebrew language: יהל"ם - יחידה הנדסית למשימות מיוחדות) is a special elite combat engineering unit of the Israeli Engineering Corps of the Israel Defense Forces. The name "Yahalom" (Diamond in Hebrew) is an abbreviation of "Special Operations Engineering Unit".]

My name is Boris and I made Aliyah to Israel three years ago with the original goal of serving in the IDF in order to fulfill my obligation to Israel as a Jew. I was most interested in a Unit called ...

Reflection on Boston-Sderot Camp 2013

by Laurie Kamenetsky

As I sit here and try to control the unstoppable and inevitable sniffles, tears, and occasional sobbing, one word continuously repeats in my head. That word is love.


Congrats to the outstanding Counselors of Boston-Sderot Summer Camp 2013

As our counselors left for the Boston-Sderot Camp, RJCF would like to recognize two outstanding members of this years team:

Laurie Kamenetsky and Gary Pivovarov!

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